Petritxol Street

Nestled in the heart of the city, this narrow cobblestone street is lined with cafés and shops that have been around since medieval times. It’s also home to some of Barcelona’s oldest buildings, making it an ideal spot for history buffs who want to explore the past.

Petritxol Street got its start as a popular shopping area during Medieval times, when merchants lined up along its length selling their wares. This tradition continues today, although many of the original stores have been replaced by modern ones offering souvenirs and other items from around Spain. As you wander down Petritxol Street, you can still find old-fashioned candy makers selling handmade treats like nougat and turron (a type of almond candy). There are also plenty of restaurants serving traditional Catalan cuisine such as paella or botifarra (Catalan sausages).

The street has undergone several changes over the centuries, but one thing remains unchanged: its charm. The small alleyways leading off Petritxol give it a cosy feel, while brightly coloured facades brighten up even cloudy days. You can easily spend hours exploring all that Petritxol has to offer – from boutique clothing stores and independent bookshops to tiny art galleries tucked away in hidden corners – there’s something here for everyone.

At nighttime, Petritxol comes alive with bars and clubs playing live music until late into the night. If you prefer something more relaxed than head over to La Xocolateria where they serve delicious hot chocolate made using traditional recipes dating back hundreds of years.