Saint James’s Square

Located at the heart of the Gothic Quarter, this charming square has a rich history dating back centuries.

The origin of Saint James’s Square dates back to 1662 when it was created by King Philip IV as part of his urban redevelopment plans for Barcelona. The original plan included a fountain and two churches – Santa Maria del Pi and Sant Jaume – which still stand today. Over time, these buildings have become some of the most recognizable landmarks in the city.

In addition to its historic architecture, Saint James’s Square also hosts several popular events throughout the year, including religious processions during Easter Week and Christmas markets during December. During both festivals, you can find vendors selling traditional Catalan foods such as paella and fideua (a type of seafood noodle dish). There are also plenty of street performers entertaining passers-by with music or acrobatics shows that draw large crowds from all around town.

Aside from its cultural attractions, Saint James’s Square is also home to some great restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine while admiring views across the square. If you’re looking for something more active, then why not take part in a game of petanca (similar to boules) or rent one of their paddle boats? You’ll be sure to make memories here that will last long after your visit.

No matter what brings you here, there’s no denying that Saint James’s Square is one of Barcelona’s most beautiful spots – full of culture, history, and entertainment options.