The Cathedral of Barcelona

Built between 1298 and 1450, this magnificent cathedral has stood for centuries as one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

The exterior façade is impressive with its intricate carvings and pointed arches. The main entrance on Plaça de la Seu features two large doors decorated with scenes from the life of Saint Eulalia – a young Christian martyr who was killed during Roman times in Barcelona. Inside, visitors can explore several chapels dedicated to different saints throughout history, such as Saint George and Saint James. There are also some beautiful frescoes depicting religious stories which were painted by local artists in the 16th century.

One highlight that shouldn’t be missed is La Capella dels Comtes (the Count’s Chapel). This chapel was built in 1597 for Cardinal Francesc de Castello y Borja who wanted it to be his final resting place when he died. It’s an incredible sight, featuring white marble walls adorned with sculptures and paintings inspired by Greek mythology and classical artworks from antiquity.

Another important feature inside The Cathedral of Barcelona is its crypt where visitors can view remains from ancient Roman ruins dating back to 4th or 5th century AD which were discovered during excavations at the site before construction began on the cathedral itself. Here you will find columns, mosaics and other artefacts that provide insight into what life must have been like during those times – truly fascinating.

Finally, don’t forget to check out The Cathedral Museum which houses a collection of religious artwork including sculptures, paintings, and tapestries created over hundreds of years ago by renowned Spanish masters such as El Greco or Velazquez among many others.

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