Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall)

Built in 1737, it has served as the seat of government for centuries and continues to be a popular tourist attraction today.

The Altes Rathaus was designed by renowned architect Johann Conrad Schlaun and built between 1737 and 1740. The structure features a three-story main building with two symmetrical wings that flank either side. Its Baroque style includes several ornate elements such as statues, arches, columns, and intricate stonework detailing throughout its exterior façade. Inside you will find grand halls adorned with lavish wall paintings depicting scenes from local history as well as numerous other decorative works of art including sculptures and stained-glass windows.

In addition to its impressive architecture, the Old Town Hall also houses many important artefacts related to Bonn’s past such as documents signed by famous historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte or Ludwig van Beethoven who were both born here in this city. Today, visitors can take guided tours through these rooms which provide insight into their stories while admiring all the beautiful artwork along the way.

Aside from being a cultural landmark within Germany itself, Altes Rathaus is also part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site “Upper Middle Rhine Valley” due to its importance within European history dating back hundreds of years ago when it first began serving as an administrative centre for local governance purposes during medieval times under Charlemagne’s rule over what was then known as Franconia (present-day Germany).

Today, Altes Rathaus stands tall amongst other buildings in downtown Bonn where locals gather around its steps for events or simply enjoy some time outdoors taking photos or simply enjoying views out onto riverbanks below them – making it one of the most beloved places amongst residents here too.

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