It was once part of the old city wall and served as an important trade route for merchants travelling to and from Cologne. Today, Sternstraße is one of Bonn’s oldest streets and remains a popular destination for visitors looking to explore the city’s history.

The first mention of Sternstraße dates back to 1220 when it was used by merchants travelling between Cologne and Bonn. Over time, it became known as “Strasse der Kaufleute” (Street of Merchants). The street grew more prosperous over time, with many wealthy families setting up shop along its length. By 1750, there were already several shops selling luxury goods such as silk fabrics, jewellery, and furniture on Sternstraße.

In 1818, the Prussian government decided to build a new road connecting Bonn with nearby towns such as Bad Godesberg and Beuel. This road would eventually become today’s modern-day Bundesstrasse 9 or B9 highway, which runs through Sternstraße today.

Today, Sternstraße still retains much of its historical charm despite being located near major highways like B9 or A565 motorways which connect Bonn with other cities in Germany like Köln or Düsseldorf. As you walk down this narrow cobblestone street lined with centuries-old buildings, you can feel transported back in time – many original structures dating back hundreds of years are still standing here. Some notable landmarks include Stadthaus am Markt (Town Hall at Market Square), Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), Sankt Remigius Church, Schloss Rheinaue Castle, Kunstmuseum Art Museum etc…

Along your journey down this charming alleyway you will also find plenty of cafés serving traditional German dishes like schnitzel or sauerbraten alongside modern eateries offering international cuisines too. You can also visit some unique boutiques selling handmade crafts or souvenirs perfect for taking home as gifts. Shopping aside – during summer months especially – locals flock here to take part in outdoor festivals held every weekend featuring live music performances & art exhibitions among other activities.