Bank of Portugal [Banco de Portugal]

Founded in 1497, it has been an important part of Portuguese history for centuries and is one of the most iconic buildings in Portugal today.

Originally known as the Royal Mint, it was established by King Manuel I to mint coins and manage state finances. Over time, its responsibilities expanded to include issuing banknotes and managing Portugal’s monetary policy. The building has gone through several renovations over the centuries but still retains much of its original charm with its Baroque façade and ornate interior decorations.

Today, visitors can take a guided tour around the Bank’s main hall which houses some fascinating artifacts from Portugal’s past such as old coins, bank notes and documents related to various financial transactions throughout history. There are also displays about banking regulations, economic systems and other interesting topics related to money management.

The Bank is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (except on public holidays) so you can visit at any time during those hours if you wish to explore further inside or just admire the beautiful architecture outside. It’s also possible to book private tours for groups who want a more detailed look at what goes on behind closed doors at this impressive institution.

For those interested in learning more about Portuguese finance there are many books available that provide an overview of how things have changed since medieval times up until now – making them ideal reading material before or after your visit.

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