Marshal Gomes da Costa Statue [Estátua ao Marechal Gomes da Costa]

The monument was erected in 1894, making it one of the oldest monuments in Portugal.

Gomes da Costa was born on October 30th, 1785 in Braga and served as a military officer during the French Invasion of 1807-1809. He fought bravely against Napoleon’s army, leading to his promotion to marshal by King John VI. Afterward he continued his service for many years until his death at age 80 on May 28th 1865.

The statue stands at 8 meters high and shows Marshal Gomes da Costa with arms crossed atop a granite pedestal surrounded by four lions, symbolizing courage and strength. Atop the pedestal are reliefs depicting scenes from battles where he led Portuguese troops to victory over their enemies, such as Fuentes de Oñoro (1811) or Albuera (1811).

In addition to being an important historical figure, Marshal Gomes da Costa also had an impact on Portuguese culture through his writings which included poetry, plays, and works about philosophy, history, and religion among other topics. His most famous work is “Obras do Marechal” which includes some of his best known poems such as “Aos Mortos de Quatre Bras” dedicated to those who died during battle at Quatre Bras (in modern day Belgium).

Visiting this monument is a great way for tourists visiting Braga to learn more about its history while admiring its beauty and grandeur up close.

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