San Basilio courtyards

Located in the heart of the city, these old-world courtyards have been around since the 16th century, when they were constructed as part of a larger effort to create an urban plan for Córdoba. The area was originally populated by Jewish families who sought refuge from persecution during this period.

The San Basilio courtyards stand out among other such sites due to their intricate design and decoration. Each courtyard is filled with lush plants and flowers that add colour and texture to its walls and floors. Many also feature colourful tiles, ornate fountains, or decorative sculptures that give them an air of grandeur befitting their historic importance.

What really makes these courtyards special is how well-preserved they remain despite centuries of wear-and-tear. This can be attributed partly to their construction materials; instead of using stone or brick, builders used adobe mud mixed with straw, which has proven surprisingly durable over time. Even today, visitors can admire the same structures built centuries ago without having aged much at all.

The courtyards themselves are not open for public viewing, but it’s still possible to observe them from outside while walking through the streets near where they’re located (Calle de los Judíos). They offer a glimpse into another era where life moved at a slower pace than our modern one – something we could all use more of nowadays.

For those looking for even more information on San Basilio Courtyard’s history there’s plenty available online or in local libraries/museums like Museo Arqueológico Provincial de Córdoba which houses documents related specifically to this site’s past inhabitants including artworks depicting everyday life here back then too.

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