Dallas County Criminal Courts Building

Built in 1913, the building was originally designed to house the county’s criminal courts and offices. Today, it continues to serve as an important part of the city’s judicial system and offers visitors a glimpse into its storied past.

Situated on Main Street near Dealey Plaza, the building stands four stories tall, with two wings extending from either side of its centre mass. Its neoclassical style features ornate stone detailing on its façade and distinctive dome-shaped roofline that gives it a stately presence amidst its modern surroundings. The exterior also boasts several statues depicting various aspects of justice, including Lady Justice holding her scales and sword atop one corner of the building’s entrance steps.

Inside, visitors will find marble floors leading them through corridors adorned with stained-glass windows and art deco designs featuring intricate geometric patterns throughout each room. The main courtroom has been restored to look much like it did when first opened over 100 years ago, complete with wooden benches for spectators along with a large mural painted by artist Frank Reaugh which depicts early Texas history scenes such as cowboys rounding up longhorns on horseback or Native Americans gathering around campfires at nightfall.

Since opening in 1913, this iconic courthouse has seen many famous trials take place within its walls, including those involving Jack Ruby who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald after he had shot President John F Kennedy in 1963; Bonnie & Clyde who were apprehended by law enforcement just outside Dallas; as well as numerous other cases related to organized crime figures during Prohibition Era days gone by.

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