Dealey Plaza

It was here that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. The plaza has since become an important tourist destination and is home to numerous monuments and memorials dedicated to the late president and his legacy.

The site itself is located at the intersection of Main Street, Elm Street and Houston Street in downtown Dallas. It’s named after George Bannerman Dealey who was one of the founders of The Dallas Morning News newspaper. Dealey Plaza lies within what is known as ‘the grassy knoll’ which refers to the area surrounding it where witnesses reported seeing gunfire coming from during JFK’s assassination.

Today, visitors can explore this historic spot by taking a guided tour or simply walking around on their own time. Some key points of interest include: The Sixth Floor Museum which houses exhibits related to JFK’s life; The Grassy Knoll, where many believe multiple shots were fired from; The John F Kennedy Memorial which features a large stone monument with quotes from his speeches inscribed onto it; The Book Depository Building (now called the Dallas County Administration Building) where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired shots from; And finally, there are several other monuments scattered throughout Dealey Plaza such as those dedicated to police officers J D Tippit and Jack Ruby who were also involved in this tragic event.

So for anyone looking for an educational yet meaningful day out in Texas – be sure not forget about visiting Dealey Plaza.