Caldereria Nueva Street

One of the most popular streets in Granada is Calle Caldereria Nueva. It is located in the Albaicin district, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Granada.

The street dates back to 1492 when it was built by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella as part of their efforts to expand the city. The name “Caldereria” comes from its original purpose: it was used for smelting iron ore that was brought down from the Sierra Nevada mountains using donkeys and carts (calderes).

Today, this cobblestone-lined street has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. On either side are colourful buildings with intricate designs on their facades – an example of traditional Moorish architecture – making it a great place to take photos or simply admire the view while exploring Granada’s rich history.

At night, Calle Caldereria Nueva comes alive with bars, restaurants, and cafés offering typical tapas dishes such as fried fish or tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette). Here you can also find some artisanal shops selling handmade items such as jewellery or pottery made by local artisans. There are also plenty of souvenir shops where you can buy postcards or other items related to Granadan culture at reasonable prices.

For those looking for something more cultural than culinary experiences, there are several churches along this street including San Miguel Church which dates back to 15th century and has been declared Cultural Heritage Site due to its unique architectural style mixing Gothic elements with Arabic ones. Additionally, visitors can go up El Mirador de San Nicolas viewpoint nearby for stunning views over Albaicin neighbourhood during sunset hours –a must if you’re visiting Granada.

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