Constitution Square

Located at the heart of downtown Malaga, this square has been a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike since its construction in 1812. It was originally built to commemorate Spain’s Constitution of 1812, which granted more civil rights to Spaniards than had previously existed under Spanish rule.

The focal point of Constitution Square is a large bronze statue depicting King Ferdinand VII, who signed the constitution into law in 1812. The statue stands on top of a pedestal surrounded by four marble columns with relief sculptures representing Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Strength. In front of these columns are two fountains that were added later as part of an expansion project completed in 1910.

On either side of the monument are two buildings – one housing the local government offices and another serving as an exhibition hall for art exhibitions from around Europe. There is also a small park surrounding Constitution Square where you can relax or people watch while enjoying some sunshine or shade under trees planted during recent renovations made to improve accessibility for all visitors regardless ability level or age group.

In addition to being an important historical site, Constitution Square also serves as an outdoor venue for concerts and other events throughout the year, such as Christmas markets during winter months or live music performances during summer festivals like Málaga’s Feria de Agosto (August Fair). During your visit, be sure not to miss out on some delicious traditional dishes served at nearby restaurants located within walking distance from here.

Overall, Constitution Square is definitely worth visiting if you’re ever spending time exploring Malaga’s vibrant culture.

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