Bonsecours Market

Located in Old Montréal, the market has been an important part of the city for over two centuries.

The building was originally constructed in 1847 as a public market to serve local merchants and farmers who sold their goods there. It served this purpose until it closed in 1963 when it was converted into a concert hall. The building underwent extensive renovations from 1991-1995, during which time it regained much of its original 19th century charm while also adding modern amenities such as air conditioning and elevators.

Today, Bonsecours Market serves as both a tourist attraction and an event space for concerts, conferences, conventions, exhibitions, weddings and more. Visitors can explore the historic halls that house vendors selling everything from handmade jewelry to clothing to artworks created by local artists. There are also several restaurants located inside the market where visitors can enjoy traditional Québécois cuisine or international dishes like sushi or tacos.

In addition to being home to numerous shops and eateries, Bonsecours Market also hosts many cultural events throughout the year including live music performances on weekends during summer months; outdoor film screenings; holiday celebrations; theatre productions; comedy shows; dance performances; lectures by renowned authors; book signings by famous writers; art exhibits featuring works from around Canada & beyond – all free of charge.

Bonsecours Market is truly one of Montréal’s most beloved attractions – offering something for everyone no matter what their interests may be.