Court of Appeal of Quebec

Established in 1849, it is the highest court for civil cases originating from within the province. It hears appeals from decisions made by lower courts, including those related to family law, contracts, torts and other civil matters.

Located on Notre-Dame Street West near Place d’Armes square in Old Montreal, this impressive building has been a part of Canadian legal history since its construction began in 1857. The building was designed by architect John Ostell with an Italianate style that features two symmetrical wings connected by a central dome. This unique architecture makes it one of the most recognizable buildings in all of Montréal – a true landmark.

While visitors may admire its exterior beauty and historical significance, they are also welcome to take guided tours inside the courtrooms themselves that offer insight into how justice is administered here today. During these tours you will learn about some famous cases such as R v Morgentaler (1988), which struck down Canada’s abortion laws; or Deshane v R (1993), which recognized aboriginal rights to self-government; or even more recently Loyola High School v Quebec (2015) concerning religious freedom and education rights for minority language schools.

The Court of Appeal also offers educational programs for students interested in learning more about our judicial system through workshops and seminars held throughout the year at their courthouse location or online via webinars hosted by members of their team. These events provide an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about important topics like constitutional law or criminal procedure without having to attend university classes.

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