Place de la Grande-Paix

This public space was designed by renowned architect Jean-Jacques Clerget in 1872, and it has been the site of many important events since then.

The centerpiece of this grand plaza is an impressive bronze monument that commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The treaty ended France’s involvement in North America and ceded control over much of Canada to Britain. The monument itself was erected in 1895 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this historic event. It features four figures representing Europe, Asia, Africa and America – each one holding a wreath as a symbol for peace and unity between all nations.

In addition to its historical significance, Place de la Grande-Paix also offers plenty for visitors to enjoy today. During summer months, it’s common to see street performers entertaining passersby with music or comedy acts while others take advantage of nearby cafés or restaurants for lunch or dinner al fresco style on warm evenings. There are also several art galleries located around the square showcasing works from local artists that can be admired during leisurely strolls through town.

For those looking for something more active than sightseeing or people watching, there are plenty of activities available year round at Place de la Grande-Paix too. In wintertime, you can rent ice skates from one end of the plaza and glide around its frozen surface while enjoying views across downtown Montréal; during warmer weather months there’s often outdoor yoga classes held here as well as occasional movie screenings set up under starry night skies above (which make excellent date nights).

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