The Albrecht Dürer House

Located in the heart of Nuremberg’s old town, this museum celebrates the life and work of famed German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer.

The house itself dates back to 1509 when it was originally built as an inn for travellers from all over Europe who were drawn to Nuremberg by its flourishing art scene. In 1520, it became the home of Albrecht Dürer himself, who lived there until his death in 1528. The house remained a private residence until 1871 when it opened to visitors as Germany’s first ever public museum dedicated solely to an artist’s works.

Today, visitors can explore two floors full of artwork and artefacts related to Dürer’s life and career. On display are some originals such as woodcuts he created while living at the house as well as many copies made after his death which demonstrate how influential his work has been throughout history. There are also interactive exhibits that help bring alive stories about Dürer’s personal life, including letters written between him and other members of his family during their travels around Europe together.

In addition to exploring the museum itself, visitors have access to various workshops where they can learn more about printmaking techniques used by artists like Dürer or even try their hand at creating prints themselves using traditional methods such as engraving on copper plates or lino cutting blocks with chisels and gouges. For those looking for something more leisurely, there is also a café located inside that serves light snacks, perfect for taking a break from exploring all that this fascinating museum has to offer.

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