São Bento Station [Estação de São Bento]

Located in Porto, it serves both regional and national rail services. Built in 1916 by Portuguese architect José Marques da Silva, this iconic building was designed to be a major hub for travellers visiting the city.

The station’s exterior features an impressive façade, with two large towers at either side of the main entrance. The walls are decorated with 20,000 blue-and-white tiles depicting scenes from Portugal’s history and culture. This unique tile work has become synonymous with São Bento Station and remains its most recognizable feature today.

Inside the station you will find a grand hall that houses ticket offices and waiting areas for passengers as well as several shops selling souvenirs, snacks and other items related to travel. There is also a café located on-site which provides refreshments such as coffee or tea while you wait for your train departure time.

Despite being almost 100 years old, São Bento Station still plays an important role in Porto’s transportation system today; more than 10 million people use it every year to get around town or take longer trips across Portugal by rail. It is also considered one of Porto’s top tourist attractions due to its unique architecture and decorative tile work, which draws visitors from all over the world each year who come to admire its beauty up close.

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