Kleber square

It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, offering plenty to explore and enjoy. This historic square has been around since 1681 when it was first laid out by French military engineer Jean-Baptiste Kleber.

The square features several attractions, such as a large fountain that dates back to 1709. The fountain was designed by architect Pierre Courtois de Surville and stands proudly at its centre surrounded by four bronze statues representing Justice, Prudence, Strength and Temperance.

Kleber Square also houses two important monuments dedicated to General Kleber himself – an equestrian statue created by sculptor François Joseph Bosio in 1821 and a column topped with his bust, which was unveiled in 1827. Both serve as reminders of General Kleber’s contribution during the Napoleonic Wars, when he successfully defended Strasbourg from Austrian forces in 1800 before being killed at Acre (in present-day Israel) later that year.

Today, visitors can take part in various activities held on the square throughout the year including concerts, festivals, markets and more. During wintertime, you can admire an impressive Christmas market with over 100 wooden chalets selling local products such as handmade crafts ornaments food items like sausages or tartes flambées (a type of pizza). In summer there are often outdoor film screenings where you can sit back relax while watching some classic films under stars.

Aside from these events, there are also many restaurants bars cafés nearby worth visiting if you’re looking for something delicious after sightseeing all day long.