Located in the heart of the city, the bullring is one of Spain’s most famous and beloved venues for traditional Spanish bullfighting. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece, with its distinctive red-and-white facade and Moorish-style domes. It was designed by architect Emilio Alarcón y Gutiérrez de la Torre and completed in 1859, making it one of Europe’s oldest existing bullrings.

The Valencia Bullring has seen some of Spain’s greatest matadors grace its sanded arena over the years, including local legend Antonio Ordóñez, who won his first fight here in 1952 at just 17 years old. The venue also hosts other events such as concerts, theatrical performances and art exhibitions throughout the year – but nothing quite matches up to its main attraction: bullfighting. Every Saturday afternoon from April until October, you can witness this unique part of Spanish culture first-hand; watch as brave matadors take on their opponents while crowds cheer them on from all four sides of the ring.

For those looking to get a better understanding about how these fights work or what goes into preparing for them, there are guided tours available around Valencia’s Bullring which provide visitors with insight into this ancient tradition (which dates back centuries). You will learn about everything from how bulls are trained to fight to what kind of equipment matadors use during their battles – not forgetting plenty more interesting facts along the way.

Whether you plan on attending a show or simply wish to admire its grandeur from afar, Valencia’s Bullring should be high up on your list when visiting this beautiful Mediterranean city.