Serranos Towers

Located in the historic city centre, it stands as a reminder of its rich history and culture. Built-in 1392 by Pere Balaguer, this impressive structure consists of two imposing towers flanking a gateway that was once part of the medieval wall surrounding Valencia.

The Serranos Towers are some best preserved Gothic military architecture in Europe and were originally built to defend Valencian citizens from invading forces. The towers stand at an impressive height, with their tallest point reaching 45 meters high, and each tower has four levels connected by spiral staircases made out of stone blocks. Visitors to these majestic structures can also explore several smaller rooms located between the two main towers, which housed guards during times when enemies threatened Valencia’s safety.

In addition to its defensive purpose, Serranos Towers served as a symbol for justice throughout the centuries since it was used as an execution site for criminals sentenced by royal courts within Valencia’s walls until 1851 when executions were abolished in Spain altogether. It is believed that over 4,000 people met their fate here, including writer Miguel de Cervantes, who famously wrote Don Quixote while imprisoned here after being accused of tax fraud back in 1597 before he was released on bail later that year.