Cathedral of the Savior

Built between the 11th and 13th centuries, it has been declared a National Monument since 1885 and is now part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The cathedral was built on top of an old mosque that had been destroyed by Alfonso I during his conquest of Zaragoza in 1118. The construction began with the main chapel, which was completed around 1150. This original chapel still stands today as part of the current building but has undergone several modifications over time to accommodate additional chapels and other elements such as cloisters, bell towers, etc.

One unique element about this cathedral is its two distinct facades: one facing east towards Plaza de la Seo (the main square) and another facing west towards Calle Mayor (the main street). The eastern facade is more elaborate than its western counterpart due to its proximity to Plaza de la Seo; it features three portals decorated with sculptures depicting scenes from Christ’s life along with other symbols representing Christianity such as angels or saints.

Inside you can find many works of art, including paintings by Francisco Goya or frescos made by José María Sert y Badia among others. It also houses some interesting relics like a piece from Jesus’ cross or St James’ cloak – both were brought here after being looted from churches in Santiago de Compostela during Napoleon’s invasion in 1808-1809– making it even more special for pilgrims visiting Zaragoza who come seeking spiritual guidance at this sacred site.

In addition to all these attractions, visitors can enjoy guided tours inside the cathedral, where they will learn more about its history while admiring some amazing architectural details up close.

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